Infographic: Differences Between Joomla, Drupal and WordPress

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Awesome Websites with Creative Motion UI & Parallax Web Design

Animation and motion in web design is proving to be the one of the biggest trends for 2018. Everywhere you look, there is some hint of movement – or actual movement, such as… Continue reading

The Essential Plugins for WordPress Business Websites | Elegant Themes Blog

If you own a business, your website is, more often than not, the place your customers will find out about you – who you are, how to find you, the services/products you offer.… Continue reading

Top 10 Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes of 2018 – Colorlib popular wordpress themes

Total Content System

The Total Content System goes like this: Create a list of monthly Foundational Content Themes Develop your Content Delivery Platform Integrate your content with Core Business Objectives Also has a 13 minute audio… Continue reading

14 Amazingly Free Stock Photo Websites

Here’s a lovingly curated list of the world’s best free stock photo websites for designers, business owners and anyone else. via Delicious

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In this episode I talk about the ways I make money from blogging, and give examples of others doing the same. I also bust a few myths around the subject – namely that… Continue reading

Web design is dead

Web design has no future — a risky statement I know, but this article explains why it has no future and what we, as designers, can do about it. via Delicious

The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet

The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet is a frequently updated list of lesser-known but wonderful websites and cool web apps. via Delicious

3 Free Tools to Improve Your SEO

Here are three (free) SEO tools that have made my life a lot easier and my SEO a lot more focused! via Delicious

The Best Way to Go About Off Site Search Engine Optimization

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Add a Subtle Perspective to Your Images

Image Tilt Effect creates a subtle tilting effect by replacing a normal image with layers of semi-transparent divisions of the same image that can then be moved in 3D space, creating the illusion… Continue reading

SEO: Google Plus Twitter Equals Stronger Search? | Practical Ecommerce

Google will have instant access to every tweet as it is posted, and every user profile as it’s created or updated. This data sends some very strong signals for organic search. via Delicious… Continue reading

How to Increase Reach on Facebook with Zero Ad Spend

6 killer Facebook tactics that I use weekly to increase reach on Facebook… all for free. Have Fun, Be Relatable Link to a Tutorial Solve a Problem… Better Yet, Let THEM! Share a… Continue reading

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Want to Compete with Big Brands? Get Social

“Social media has the potential to upend traditional branding,” the study’s authors wrote. via Delicious

$169 desktop computer hopes for Endless global impact

Matt Dalio is creating the Endless computer using Linux, for countries with low Internet usage. His Kickstarter goal is $100,000. via Delicious

The Anatomy of an Awesome WordPress Support Request

Great article – I never thought to contact a WordPress support team or use the WordPress support forums. via Delicious

Why do people use social media? – Melissa Leiter

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FREE Download: Website Conversion Rate Optimisation White Paper

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21 Clever Ways To Spruce Up Content In WordPress

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The Truth About Multiple H1 Tags in the HTML5 Era

Yes, it’s true. You can now use as many sets of tags as are required, via HTML5. But that doesn’t mean they should be freely added in arbitrary locations. Just as there were… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide for Web Images and SEO

This article covers more than most & should be read by ALL web designers. via Delicious

The Real Reason Your Landing Page Copy Is Failing

When people visit your website, they really don’t care how fabulous your product or service is. They don’t want to know about the amazing features, the multiple ways this thing can be used,… Continue reading

Build a Custom Online Calculator – JSCalc

Instantly create all sorts of calculators! JSCalc uses the Ace open-source code editor which supports syntax highlighting and JSHint warnings.

What Are The Few Most Important Things That Attract Website Visitors’ Attention?

The first 5 to 8 seconds are critical in capturing a potential customer’s interest. With this initial visual contact or text it is either pass or fail and nothing in between. via Delicious… Continue reading

Presto Web FX – FREE Flash Effects Publisher

Effects include: Photo Cube Wave and Twist Rain, Splat and Starfield Photo morphing Lens, Bounce and Swarm Too Much Chilli Bag of Cats All customisable – See more at: – See an… Continue reading

How You Can Build a Meaningful Brand – Moz

GOOD READ!! This article goes over loads of things you likely have not considered. via Delicious

Web Professionals Share Website Words of Wisdom

Ensure Each Page Brings Value No Animation Minimize Clicking Optimal Page Viewing Size Read More:

Web Design Inspiration 2014, WordPress Themes on Pinterest

Great place to research design for your business website! via Delicious

The Advanced Guide to SEO

This is a 9 chapter, 45,000-word advanced SEO guide. via Delicious

MuStat – How much is your website worth?

Find any website’s value, traffic and performance. (or µStat) is a free website analysis tool that allows you to know how much any website is worth, how many visitors it gets per… Continue reading | Ultimate WordPress Sitebuilder with premium themes and commercial build-in plugins

This is ULTIMATE!! For $98, you get a quick website builder for WordPress. It also comes with loads of themes. You can SELL website creation with this, too. via Delicious

44 reasons why people don’t trust your website | Econsultancy

Wondering if people trust your website? Read this article. via Delicious

Create A Cartoon Character In Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial has 89 steps explained with text instructions + images and there are 2 steps a little more complicated that are explained with videos via Delicious

5 steps to create content that Google loves!

One keyword per page Use keywords in title, header and body text Do not be afraid to write long texts Avoid duplicate content Do not forget the images via Delicious