This is me, Steve Shearer, and here’s where you’ll usually find me, in front of these two computer monitors. I do web design, SEO, graphics, and a bit of web copy writing.

My wife and I enjoy bike riding, camping, restaurants, and barbeques. Prescott Valley, AZ and Prescott, have a lot of great events, and we make our way to many of them. On occasion, we visit a few favorite bars and night clubs, and Prescott is famous for Whisky Row. But most of the time, we’re here at home, and are involved in our house repair and some minor remodel. I also play guitar, have done some recording and a few performances, but none too recent.

Besides this WordPress platform web design site, I have a Blogger-hosted humor journal, and I also publish to aWordPress blog that is gaining great popularity, and displaying my expertice. You can find me on twitter, and both my wife and I are active at Facebook, with our extended families, my colleagues, and a few school-day friends. I am also active in the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Prescott Lions Club.

I got my first computer, an IBM PC AT from a flea market for $300 back in 1998: CPU: Intel 80286 – SPEED: 6 MHz – RAM: 512 KB. Since then, I’ve had three others and now use a Fry’s GQ 5140. It does the job, and was actually a replacement when my eMachine got fried. For once, the extended warranty worked to my favor. But I had to upgrade a lot of parts – including 2MB ram, the power supply, Windows XP Pro (Vista Sucks), and a NVIDIA graphics card.

Once I got used to computers, I ditched the IBM PC AT, and got me an HP Pavilion Home PC. Browsing the WWW, I researched internet marketing – seemed that’s where the money was at. I was determined back then, that somehow I could make a living sitting in front of a computer. With all the programs I joined, I realized that I needed a website to market them through. So I found a free host site with a WYSIWYG editor, and started my venture into the world of web design.

In 2003 I found Blogger, and built a blog about weird websites, and I still post about strange things I find on the web there today. Three years later, in the fall of 2006, I figured it was time to get some formal education So I enrolled in the Web Developer class at Bates Technical College, here in Tacoma, Washington.

Into my third quarter, after getting a good grasp on Dreamweaver & Photoshop, I made me a web design website, and ventured out and to get some clients. The first one was Jennifer Coley, owner of Posh Home. She had contacted Ingrid, my instructor, who passed the reference off to me. Two years later, I started building her osCommerce site.

Carpenter Steve, at the tablesaw

I am really happy being a web designer and an SEO expert. Prior to this, I was a finish carpenter for 35 years, at which I also did a lot of designing. But this career has so much more to offer me. My imagination is always sparked for creativity, and my human relation skills are often put to the test. There’s always something new, there’s always more to learn.

When you hire me for your web design/SEO project, your project is not just supporting my physical existence, your project will be expanding my mental capabilities, and invigorating my creativity. It’s not for the money (of which is barely enough), but for my lively hood that I do what I do.

I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun. – Thomas Edison