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My Quick SEO for SERP Formula

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SEO Fast Start

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An SEOs Introduction and Tutorial to Google Webmaster Tools

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The Many Benefits Of Blogging

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The Necessity Of Adequate Links For Web Site Promotion And Search Engine Optimization

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We Are Now Offering Pay per Performance SEO

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Pageone Curator – STOP Building Backlinks!

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SEO Goodies

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Looking for CAD Gear Draftsperson

Not able to find these required gears, we now are turning to having them made. PDF file: Internal_Gear_CAD_Specs So we need a CAD gear draftsperson. Here are the specifications of the gears: The resulting… Continue reading

Conceptual Image of the Perpetual Motion Energy Generator

Fuel and Energy Savings Products

WordPress Web Design

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Google Penguin Guaranteed Website Repair

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Repairing What the Google Penguin Algorithm Change Did to Your Website

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Please Help a Veteran So She Can Eat!

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How to Easily Find the Best SEO Keywords for Your New Website

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Build 25 Unique Backlinks to Your Pages Every Single Day, FREE!

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BIG Savings on Web Design and SEO

Procrastination Incentives Special, Save $100.00! Brought about for the 20-30 recent prospective clients. If you order a website before November 1, 2011, I’ll discount $100 from the regular price of $395. If you… Continue reading

We Can-Do: How to Overcome Google Penguin Update

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Buying Links for Better Search Engine Placement: Soon to Be Worthless

Google’s Matt Cutts Admits SEO Will Only Get Harder Remember the days when blog networks and article marketing were touted as solid linking strategies? Now all of those once-valued links you obtained from… Continue reading


In my travels through internet pages, I frequent upon new discoveries: news, tutorials, webmaster tools and techniques, and general information. In these pages is where I post and discuss my new discoveries. Friend… Continue reading

Fuel and Energy Savings Products – Our Building Plans

Well, I finally finished the “blue” prints for our building. And this thing is HUGE!! … and I’ll also have the electrical 99% finished by day’s end. I was thinking that this thing… Continue reading

Get a Mobile Website for Less than $100

New innovative software now allows me to make you a mobile version of your website for $95! Do I need a mobile website? THE FACTS: Over a third of all Americans now own… Continue reading

Website Hosting with Lightspeed Servers Open Now!

My buddy, Jack, Has designed reseller stores for his clients, and now I has un tu! This reseller program is MUCH better than any I’ve seen, because for the fact that if the… Continue reading

10 Keyword Placement Tips for Top SEO

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What Is Google Penguin Update All About

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10 Small Business Local Search Ranking Factors

What is Google Places? Local business listings are valued highly by Google. If you do a local search which includes a place, town, city or local service, Google will display this local business… Continue reading

WARNING: Do NOT Use Meta Keywords!

From Search Engine Land, Oct 14, 2011 The Meta Keywords Tag Lives At Bing & Why Only Spammers Should Use It Seems that Bing has brought back meta keywords, but not to find… Continue reading

Funny HTML Jokes

What do you call a game where touching the person makes them NOT it? Alt tag. What did the SEO do on his honeymoon? A: He put a “nofollow” outside the door. What… Continue reading

Why You Should Use LongTail Keywords

Keywords for Search Engine Optimization: It’s All About the Long Tail No, I’m not talking about the animals at your local zoo. By ‘long tail’, I’m referring to the typically longer keyword phrases… Continue reading

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

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Get a Complete Website for $149 Unlimited Pages

Want a complete website for $149.00? I realize that today most folks are in a financial struggle, and can do some of the work themselves. So for this price, I’ll help you get… Continue reading

They Charge $2000/mo for SEO W/O a Guarantee!! I Charge $745 W/Guarantee

YES!! Get Google Page One with three keywords GUARANTEED for one year ONLY $745. I went to LinkedIn today, as I noticed a fella asking what it should cost for search engine optimization:… Continue reading

Stand Out with a Unique Business Card!

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Browser Wars, Browser Compatibility

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An Energy Revolution Is on the Horizon

Yes, an energy revolution will soon be here. This world will very soon be able to produce free energy from just magnets for every home and business. Even so, the technology to generate… Continue reading

Sign Up to Become a Magnetic Energy Generator Affiliate!

So, would you like to sell these for a profit? We’ll even drop-ship for you! We expect to have the first models ready in July 2012. The cost will be about $8,000, and… Continue reading

Renewable Energy Systems VS Fuel and Energy Savings Products

HOLY SMOKES – WE HAD IT WRONG – ALL THIS TIME!! The above chart is from Google Insights for Search, which can help you determine which messages resonate best. For example, we used… Continue reading

About Us

Who are we? We’re a team of three connected by a radio talk show, “Discover Arizona’s Best,” which airs on Friday mornings via AM KXXT 1010. My name is Steve Shearer, owner/operator of… Continue reading

Are These Affordable Web Design Prices?

“So what’s the price for a website?” I hear that a lot, even though I post my prices. But in this world of web design, most companies do not list their prices, while… Continue reading