Sign Up to Be One of the 1st to Power Your House for FREE!

This is for especially for the Prescott Quad Cities area – you guys have priority, as we will be requiring a report, and would like to visit your home. Would you like to… Continue reading

Free Energy for your Home or Business

Believe It or Not – Perpetual Motion is Finally Here! What I found here can be a MONEY SAVER and a MONEY MAKER!! Cheap Electricity From Magnetic Generators With the changing of times… Continue reading

A Drastic Improvement to Our Economy and Salvation of this Planet

While posting this, I didn’t realize the importance of what’s coming this Sunday: Mobilize the Earth™ rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Earth Day! So I went to their website,… Continue reading

More Gear Images

This first one is what our engineer has hooked up right now. But it’s not the right gear ratio. This one has 74 teeth on the outer gear, and 34 teeth on the… Continue reading

Shop Pictures

These were taken on Saturday, February 25, 2012 Fuel and Energy Savings Products

Need to Find 2:1 Ratio Internal Gears

In our progress to start producing these magnetic perpetual motion energy generators, so you can produce your own electricity, we have run into a snag – Harvey cannot find the correct gearing to… Continue reading

The Cost for an eCommerce Website with SEO

WordPress eCommerce Website Looks like you lucked out, and found the best man for this solution. I have researched and made several eCommerce websites utilizing Open Source software. Open Source is free, but… Continue reading