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Free WordPress Website Installation & Setup

Since this is such a frequent request from readers, that we decided to launch a FREE WordPress Website/Blog Setup Program where we will…

  1. Install the latest version of WordPress
  2. Install some plugins that we find most helpful
  3. And we will do all this for FREE?!

What’s the Catch?

The only catch is that you have to buy hosting with our recommended web hosting company. By doing so, we will get paid a commission for the referral and you will get a great web host and a fully functioning and optimized WordPress Website/Blog free of charge. Win-Win

Do-It-Yourself Website:

  • You have a great idea for a website, and the perfect domain name for it is available… ($15).
  • You can get low cost web hosting, with a good price… (under $50 for one year).
  • You can DIY with WordPress, and get an inexpensive theme… ($40 from, $75 from
  • You realize that you could use some help, and maybe some custom graphics (I charge $150 for 8 hours).

Hire Us + Use WordPress:

  • You’re not too design savoy
  • You don’t own, nor have experience with Photoshop
  • You don’t know HTML, nor have any experience with WordPress
  • You realize that you could use some help = you need a web designer

YOUR COST: Using our services, you can get a 5 page WordPress website for PENNIES ON THIS PRICE listed at

Basic Site: $1200, Some Extras: $1400, Full Website: $2800 – Additional Features: $100 to $9200

We make scripted WordPress website (such as eCommerce, membership sites, Real Estate sites) for GUARANTEED FOR LESS than anyone else, with the SAME quality.


FREE WordPress Premium Theme with Website Order

Our web design portfolio

One-time-charge for SEO $250

There are 300 million searches carried out every single day. 85% of qualified Internet traffic is generated through search engines. 75% of searchers never look further than the first page. In the USA, Google accounts for 64% of all searches, Yahoo is next in line with 22%, followed by Bing at 9% and with 3% of all search requests. The remaining search engines account for 5%. Source: Hitwise, March 2007.

  • Search engines do not have records of a website
  • They don’t know you exist until your website is found and/or placed into it’s indexing files.
  • A great website with great SEO/SEM is a powerful combination.
  • Most web design companies do not optimize for search engines.
  • Most SEO companies do not design websites.
  • Most web designers do not offer SEO copyrighting.

You will be VERY pleased with my SEO web design efforts, as results will be evident within ten days! And with of Sheer SEO (I sign you up ), all your keyword search positions are tracked.