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The Ultimate Guide for Web Images and SEO

This article covers more than most & should be read by ALL web designers. via Delicious

Create A Cartoon Character In Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial has 89 steps explained with text instructions + images and there are 2 steps a little more complicated that are explained with videos via Delicious

10+ Ways To Protect Images From Being Stolen

Ha – so true, if you put an image on the web, it can EASILY be copied using screen-print with no way of tracing it. via Delicious

Homepage Sliders on B2B Websites: Bad For SEO, Bad For Usability

One of the most prevalent design flaws in B2B websites is the use of carousels (or sliders) on the homepage. Most have these 4 SEO Issues: multiple h1 headings, Flash usage, slow page… Continue reading

Share screenshots via the internet in seconds: take a screensnap, edit screenshot quickly and send to the internet

This downloadable program allows you to share screen shots via internet instantly with anyone. I believe they host them, too. Says there’s a free version, but on pricing page, cheapest is $15/yr. via… Continue reading