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FREE Download: Website Conversion Rate Optimisation White Paper

1. How to Convert your online visitors into database 2. How to Convert your online visitors into Leads 3. How to Sell more to your online visitors 4. Continually improve your website to… Continue reading

The Truth About Multiple H1 Tags in the HTML5 Era

Yes, it’s true. You can now use as many sets of tags as are required, via HTML5. But that doesn’t mean they should be freely added in arbitrary locations. Just as there were… Continue reading

The Real Reason Your Landing Page Copy Is Failing

When people visit your website, they really don’t care how fabulous your product or service is. They don’t want to know about the amazing features, the multiple ways this thing can be used,… Continue reading

What Are The Few Most Important Things That Attract Website Visitors’ Attention?

The first 5 to 8 seconds are critical in capturing a potential customer’s interest. With this initial visual contact or text it is either pass or fail and nothing in between. via Delicious… Continue reading

5 steps to create content that Google loves!

One keyword per page Use keywords in title, header and body text Do not be afraid to write long texts Avoid duplicate content Do not forget the images via Delicious

Why Are Visitors Quickly Leaving Your Site – What Can You Do?

How do you make visitors browse your website longer – how do you reduce your “bounce rate?” It’s a multi-faceted process that has to be carefully planned out and preferably handled by professionals… Continue reading

The 7 Steps of Planning High Converting Landing Pages

A successful landing page is one that can predict every question or misunderstanding users might have.

FREE SEO Website Templates: Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions etc.

I wrote up my own, but here in zip format, you can get a free Privacy Policy Template & Terms & Conditions Template here: via Delicious

Great Ways To Find Content for your Blog – It Really IS that Simple! – Work To Be Free

1) Google Alerts 2) Get new content ideas from your old content 3) Make a list – keep a list handy and add topics to it as you go 4) Get inspired by… Continue reading

4 Master Steps To Getting Your Audience’s Attention – MyNoteTakingNerd

1st Step: Provide a Context 2nd Step: Set Up a Group Identity 3rd Step: The Six Motives You Need To Harness MAKE A BIG ENTRANCE ACTION STEP (4th step) via Delicious

10 Tips for Writing Better Online Marketing Content

Plain & simple – great reference for web copy writing. via Delicious

Chartbeat Analyzes What Part of a Web Page People View | Adweek

Interesting finding; among 25 million user sessions, the most viewed content is just above the fold. via Delicious!

Headliners or Blog Titles: Think It’s Just Symantics?

Do you write for a hobby or a living?? THIS IS A MUST READ!!! A blog title is just a blog title, but writing great headliners is the hands down best way to… Continue reading