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Presto Web FX – FREE Flash Effects Publisher

Effects include: Photo Cube Wave and Twist Rain, Splat and Starfield Photo morphing Lens, Bounce and Swarm Too Much Chilli Bag of Cats All customisable – See more at: – See an… Continue reading

Create A Cartoon Character In Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial has 89 steps explained with text instructions + images and there are 2 steps a little more complicated that are explained with videos via Delicious

Blog « WordPress for Android

The WordPress for Android 2.9 release is now available in the Google Play Store. This release includes some exciting new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. via Delicious

Personal Cloud Storage System

Polkast: The Future of Mobile Productivity. A simple, innovative solution for file management. Their technology provides file sharing, file access, and mobile content solutions for individuals and businesses alike. They give you the… Continue reading

Find the Best: Video Editing Software

Get comparisons from, a new search engine. Mind you, this is only an image, as scripting is not allowed at See all Video Editing Software | FindTheBest You can also place… Continue reading

Install your favorite programs at once with Ninite |

I’m getting a NEW computer – thought it would be wiser to buy a reconditioned one for $300 that’s 4X faster than fix this OLD one for $100+!! Just go to their website… Continue reading

Wibiya | The all new and improved wibiya bar experience

1) Choose an Audience from your website visitors. 2) Select an actionable message you want to show this Audience. 3) Increase Performance: Track results and get more out of your website visitors. via… Continue reading

TLDR Ap: “Too Long Didn’t Read”

Don’t Have Time To Read This Article? There’s An App For That – “The plugin summarizes long website content for quick and easy reading. TLDR to save us all! We’re putting an end… Continue reading

Website Comment Box Script

Use this widget to receive and moderate comments on your website. (it’s free) via Delicious

WordPress › Gabfire Widget Pack « WordPress Plugins

The Gabfire Widget Pack contains 12 useful widgets to extend your WordPress site. It is a free plugin that will work with any theme. via Delicious

Radio Sure Skins – Folder Shared from Box – Free Online File Storage

14 free skins – no preview, though. See screenshots below. via Delicious