Google Plus Daily: The Facebook Exodus – Are They Making The Switch?

According to SocialBakers, Facebook is on a steady decline in monthly visitors month by month, with the most significant losses in the US and UK. Where are these users going? Are they making the switch to Google+?

Looking back at the last 6 months of data from SocialBakers, there’s an obvious decrease in active monthly users since January with April being a new low. It’s not looking good for Facebook who releases financial numbers tomorrow.
Well, it could be contrary, or people really are embracing Google’s social platform. There have been a lot of social services popping up in the last 2 years, from the wildly popular Instagram to the collector’s den, i.e Pinterest (which my fiancé happens to love). There is a lot of competition, and it seems that users are finally broadening their horizons, as we know that Twitter finally hit the mainstream after many years.
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