Anatomy of a perfect landing page, how to.

The first important element is the “Call to action“. You have to be clear in telling your visitors “what you want them to do” and “why they should do it”.

The call to action might be realized through a good healine and, possibly, its sub-headline or secondary head line.

Any website page could be treated as a “landing page” but there’s a problem there. The landing page should focus itself on a direct call to action. If the landing page has the navigation bar of the website, the attention of our visitors will be dispersed among all the links the visitor will found in the landing page.

So another tip there. Never use the structure of your website to generate a landing page. The landing page should have very few internal links. The visitor will execute our action or he/she will exit the website, so remove all distractions, including navigation links.

Other important element of a landing page are…
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