My Website Got Hit from Google Panda!!

WOW, hard to believe, but just today, I get an email from Sheer SEO – they
inform me of any change in my SERP’s. And this one was DEVASTATING!

How would you react if this happened to you, and your lively hood depended mostly on Google search results? Yea, this kinda set me back, wondering WTF did I do? And then I realized … I placed a popup with a video to introduce myself to folks who venture to my website.

You see, I figured that having a prominent (popup) video displaying where I talk a bit about my services, and how GOOD and AFFORDABLE my services are, would be great for people to see how personable I am, and why they should use me for their web design and SEO. But … OOPS, I didn’t read totally through their webmaster guidelines. But who does? … OK, I just did, and Google doesn’t mention ANYTHING about using popups.

But I’m aware of how Google works, and I could imagine nothing else for this to occur.  The only other possibility, is that I added a WordPress plugin, Instant Backlink Creator: Amazing Samson WP Plugin. But after installing this, I realize it’s not compatible with my server. Long story short, I get a refund, and go with Syndication Rockstar for automated WP off-site SEO. Mainly for my client’s SEO.

Anyway, I figured it would be astounding for all my followers to see the results of this hit from Google … and when I finish this, I’ll be submitting a  re-evaluation to Google. We’ll see how it goes – stay tuned!

Screen print of how Google DROPPED ME LIKE A ROCK (click for full size):

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