101 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

1. Write and submit articles. It’s a classic, but it works. This can be indefinite traffic stuck in the search engines for you. Write quality distinctive articles, not articles that are rehashed or provide no insight to readers, which is a huge problem nowadays.
2. Write and submit press releases, think prweb once you do one.
3. Write and ping blog entries. Always make sure you link back to your web site along with your blog posts. Attempt creating multiple blogs and have all link back to at least one main site.
4. Be certain that your web site is listed in a top-notch quality Business Directory of your County or region for example Thailand-Search.com. That approach will get you quality links from appropriate classes as well as targeted traffic
5. Advertise your web site and let Buysellads.com get you the proper advertisers you are wanting.
6. If a distinct segment connected forum that you regularly visit permits signatures, then be certain to add your website url in there.
7. Submit your web site to the main search engines together with Google, Yahoo and Bing and additionally add your sites url in listyoururl.com
8. Review websites in your niche on Alexa to strive to require a number of their traffic links by including a reference back to your website.
9. Build an efficient internal and external link structure for your web site.
10. If you purchase a product that you actually like, then be at liberty to allow a personal review when respect is due and leave a testimonial. You ought to be ready to induce some traffic from that website if your testimonial is left with a url.
11. Whenever you send an email to someone, be sure to add your web site url as a signature.
12. Keep updating content on your websites/blogs… try at least once per week.
13. Tag blog posts at social bookmarking sites, particularly at .
14. Analysis and be involved in an SEO Community to seek out the answers you would like daily.
15. Tag blog images at Flickr.
16. Politely ask your readers to subscribe to your rss feeds.
17. Try coining your own term. You might wish to trademark it if you see that it will become fashionable.
18. Encourage readers to discuss your blogs.
19. Include translations for your websites/blogs, especially in Spanish.
20. Don’t be boring, write regarding something that a wide select of folks would want to grasp regarding.

21. Purchase an SEO Book and read 30 mins each night before sleeping regarding SEO tricks and tips.
22. Place comments at similar related blogs.
23. Make a custom 404-error page for your web site. You’ll be able to give a link back to your main web site or even attempt to monetize it by offering a related affiliate program inside your niche.
24. Sponsor a charity, most charities can link back to your website, and you are additionally doing a smart deed.
25. Sell an item on eBay as a charity auction. Most charities will link back to both your auction and your main website.
26. Start a publicity campaign, do something that individuals in your niche will be aware of.
27. Brand your web site with a logo and a slogan/catch phrase. Think IBM.
28. Hold a crazy contest that people in your niche can talk regarding. This will equal additional links and traffic to your website.
29. Build a tool that people in your niche will love and enjoy. Then offer it away at no cost. If the tool is helpful, then you’ll get quality one-way links back to your web site.
30. Contact small offline newsletters sources and submit articles to them.
34 .Become friends with editors of an offline publication.
32. Give speeches offline. Begin small and native. Additionally, do not forget to participate in toastmasters meetings in your area.
33. Have a GREAT product or at least build the merchandise nice by using a marketing pro.
34. Create an innovative device. If you’re selling info, what makes your content one thing you can’t get from the local bookstore, Barnes and Noble or maybe eBay for that matter?
35. Is your product groundbreaking? Will you leave individuals with no alternative but to speak regarding your product or service?
36. Are you selling one thing that teams of individuals want to grasp concerning but there’s restricted/scarce knowledge?
37. Write good content, if your writing is good then people will share it with their friends. In addition, webmasters can use it as content on their web site with a reference back to your article, or at least they ought to.
38. Spark emotions. If you get others emotional regarding something then they will most likely talk concerning it.
39. Get a custom t-shirt created together with your website url on it, and wear it frequently.
40. Build an inventory of subscribers. Your list is like a golden asset to you if utilized it correctly.

41. Write tip articles, like “Ten easy tips to blank-blank-blank.”
42. Purchase traffic from the search engines by utilizing one in all their PPC campaigns.
43. Open up a Facebook account and find targeted friends that you’ll promote your services to them. Don’t spam people, Facebook is cracking down on spammers and are starting to sue people.
44. Solicit a link from your city’s chamber of commerce.
45. Have an easy to recollect domain name, four letter domains are terribly good if you can get one. If your domain name is simply too long or not memorable then individuals may forget your web site.
46. Add a bookmark link to your web site/blogs.
47. Purchase the misspelled versions of your domain name and have it redirect to your main site.
48. Use keywords in your image alt tags. For instance, keywords go here
49. Be certain to incorporate acceptable keywords in your title tag, search engines show additional prominence or importance to keywords here.
50. Place appropriate keywords in your anchor text when linking.
51. If you have a profile anywhere on-line, continually embrace acceptable keywords and link back to your web site. About.me is a great one.
52. Try to obtain links from websites inside your niche with a high PR (pagerank). The more one-way links (inbound links/backlinks) you have to your website, the greater your PR will become.
53. Outsource grunt work. Time is in essence money…. you can rent individuals at freelance services to send emails, request JV proposals, or to answer queries from prospective or current customers. Fiverr.com is a great source for this.
54. Provide something at no cost. Abracadabra isn’t the magic word, FREE is. It is like a worm on a pole for a fish within the water…. its bait! Supply a free mini course or free ebook to help collect additional subscribers. You can always offer a backend to monetize on this opportunity, such as an affiliate product.
55. Once someone orders from you, provide a 1-time supply that compliments your product. For example, if I offered a traffic ebook, then once the individual purchases it, it would make sense on behalf of me to offer a traffic conversion bonus for a limited time only.
56. Become the virus inside your niche. Make yourself the bug and have people talking regarding your product. When people talk concerning your product then you’ll be able to induce the viral result. However, you want to provide folks a reason to talk concerning you, and being like everyone else isn’t one.
57. Do your research and realize expensive niches to tap into. A sensible manner to try to this can be to seek out how much somebody is paying for a keyword on a PPC search engine. If they are spending and growing it sometimes means that that it’s working for them so you furthermore might get in on the action.
58. Become an active respected member of niche related forums. You’ll be able to try this by providing quality posts. Hint Hint, it is not the number of posts you create, it is the quality. Remember, quality or amount. Many useless or negative posts can have individuals looking at you funny.
59. Test, test, test. Your flushing cash down the bathroom if your not testing to work out what campaigns are bringing you in the greatest cash compared to which ones are costing you cash. When you test, you’ll be able to eliminate the campaigns that are costing you bucks therefore that you’ll properly maximize your marketing efforts. Without correct testing, you’re bound to be lost. You can only guess to what has or what is working. With correct testing, you do not guess, you realize.

60. Keep latest on what’s happening in the globe, you’ll monetize off hot topic trends.
61. Network: when you recognize more people you’ll find individuals that may facilitate you getting what you need.
62. Offer an affiliate program for your product or service. Be sure to let your satisfied customers know that you have one; if they like your product then they will be even more delighted to find that they can get money for referring you.
63. Write and give away a free ebook or report. It does not need to be lengthy as long as it’s quality information neatly formatted and placed together. You’ll be able to also make a brandable ebook or report and allow affiliates the opportunity to brand their affiliate links in there to sell to the next customer. You’ll then send this ebook to your subscribers or submit it to ebook directories.
64. Add viral elements to your blog such as social bookmarking choices, and a refer a friend, too.
65. Create your web site logo as a printed sticker and place it on your car. While traffic has stopped, individuals may notice, right your website down, and visit you.
66. Syndicate your content by using an RSS feeds on your web site.
67. Answer folks’s questions on Yahoo! answers with a link to your web site within the sources area.
68. Put a link within the “about me” section of your eBay profile.
69. Create and upload a viral video to YouTube. Use appropriate keywords in the video description for your target market. ANd be sure your web site link is noticable.
70. Record an informative podcast and submit them to poplar podcast directories.
71. Provide helpful answers for Google adsense on their help forum with a link back to your website. Go here to check it out:
72. Get people to comment and add content to your website. Once they do that, they can provide you unique content, no need to obtain ghostwritten articles.
73. If you can not get JVs, then attempt to bribe webmasters for sponsored advertising area on their newsletters.
74. Place a media section on your web site so you may offer the media an easy means to stay current on what your company is doing.
75. Try to teach a class at your regional community school or university. The more exposure you get in the general public, the greater credibility you will receive.
76. Build a screensaver and create it for individuals in your niche to download. Have eye candy graphics combined with your company logo to brand yourself.
77. Write one thing controversial and spread it freely to your target market. It can be something as idiotic as the Da Vinci code, but as long folks speak concerning it, its a successful campaign. Hint: something controversial is one thing that goes against established beliefs in your community.
78. Write and publish a book. Having your own book may be a quick way to gain credibility.
79. Take a guru in your niche out to lunch – YOU buy.

80. Begin a company or club regarding an interest. This can be done on-line through Yahoo!, MeetUp or Google teams.
81. Volunteer. Donate your time to a sensible clause…you can invariably network with folks and secure connections at the same time.
82. Get involved in your community and try to run some kind of outreach program.
83. Supply smart customer service; you will be stunned on how many referrals you get just be having a reliable company.
84. Consider adding a direct-mail selling campaign to your marketing.
85. Put a commercial in your phone book, online telephone book, newspaper, or periodical to urge some local customers.
86. Post bulletins in your near by supermarket. However, since not everyone might carry a pen or pencil, place your contact data and url on strips on the bottom: folks can rip it off and take it with them.
87. Host your own commercial so you can place “as seen on TV” on your products.
88. Conduct surveys and publish them. These make you appear as an professional in your field of study.
89. Break a record or shoot to be in the Guinness world records for something.
90. Make a sitemap for your web site.
91. Use a favicon for your web site.
92. Get your visitors additional involved in your web site. You’ll help accomplish this by adding CGI scripts to your web site.
93. Make sure you have no broken links on your web site, and be sure that your website shows clearly in all browsers.
94. Notice domain names that get traffic, purchase them, and have them redirect to your web site.
95. Spell correctly whenever performing ANY writing.
96. Examine sites connected to your niche; find out how they get their traffic.
97. Properly optimize your website for the proper keywords.
98. Strive to avoid java scripts on your web site.
99. Do not use frames on your website.
100. If your web site becomes popular and starts getting heaps of traffic, try switching to a dedicated server. The longer your web site is down equals lost visitors you may have had.
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