Have You Considered Responsive Web Design for Your Website?

Responsive Web Design, What Is It?
Prior to explaining this, what problem does responsive web design address?

It all started with a conventional computer and laptops, and in 2004, the internet moved to mobile phones. Ever since that, we have been developing a variety of different screen resolutions for viewing the internet. Previously, to view a website properly, different CSS style sheets were required in accord with which device it was to be viewed through. The solution came in May of 2010 with the development of responsive web design, by Ethan Marcotte.

Responsive web design is just that, responsive: the content responds to the device on which it is being displayed. While a conventional desktop monitor renders a website a certain way, a tablet or smartphone browser is programmed to show that same code in a different way, taking into consideration the size and resolution of a smaller screen. Copy is rearranged, navigation is simplified, and images are shrunk, and/or hidden completely, and the code to do it all needs only be written once.

A responsive WordPress site for one of my clients, Longislanddjkaraoke.com

I especially like the definition presented by John Polacek: What The Heck Is
Responsive Web Design?

Features of the Perfect Responsive Web Design – DesignModo


Thus, it is seen that perfect responsive web design examples has a lot of features that are very beneficial for the web designers and web developers.

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There is an ongoing love/hate relationship with responsive Web design. Although the technology offers marketers many opportunities, not all consumer behavior is the same and specific functionality should be dovetailed for …

Simplistic Responsive Design using WordPress Themes


Tools for creating effective WordPress Responsive Designs: No Doubt, that there are more than 50 tools for creating an effective Responsive Web Design, but experimenting with a strong toolkit can make all the differences.

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