About (dot) Me: Get a Great Profile Page for Your Business!

About Me – Add More Social SEO & Use it for Your Contacts

Google LOVES social and this is another application you not only need, but you’ll love using it to direct friends and clients to. About.me links together all your major social sites, making it great for yet another SMO/SEO hub.
About.me is a cool service that allows you make a FREE one-page “About Me” website – it’s all about you, your business, and your proceedings. They have great backgrounds to choose from, but you’ll want a personalized one, with your picture on it.

There’s a spot for a picture, a thumbnail that will enlarge, and you can place a short bio of yourself. They have cool icons for your the popular social networks to lead friends and potential customers to your favorite places. You can also add contextual links.

Establish Your Own Personal Site

Quickly build a personal and dynamic “About Me” page that directs viewers to your content placed all over the internet.

About Me Has Built-in Analytics

You can see how many people visit your page, where they’re coming from, and what they do on your page.

Got Klout? From your dashboard, you can see your current rating, as well as true reach, amplification, and networks.

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