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With all of the (so called) experts advising us on search engine optimization, it’s difficult to sort fact from fiction, greed from truth.
And then, to understand it all, you need a master’s degree in marketing. Prior to this publication, to get any worthy information, you would need to chance-purchase a variety of literature (likely from a mini site), sort through it all to find what might work, Google a few hieroglyphics phrases, and experiment with all the suggestions.

Dan Thies has been in the Search (and marketing) industry for over 6 years; he has earned a solid reputation for accurate information. He speaks at SES conferences, teaches SEO, mods for High Rankings, is a member of the SEOPros executive committee, and can write so that the layman can grasp a full understanding. Dan has also written the “Search Engine Marketing Kit” for SitePoint.

Anything this guy puts his name on is not just good… it’s great!
What I’ve created here is more than just a book – it’s a framework for learning SEO. In fact, it’s a framework for understanding SEO, for managing SEO projects, for developing better methods, for teaching, for communicating with clients, and more. One important goal is to teach beginners a simple process that consistently delivers results. But this book isn’t just for beginners.

Even the most jaded veterans of the SEO wars can use this framework. If you don’t like what we’re doing at any particular step in the “fast start” process, just plug in your own process for that step.

The people who are exceptionally good at SEO also have a lot of knowledge about the technical side of search engines and web sites. I think I’ve proven over the years that I am one of those people… and I want to help you.

… when I start work on a new web site, I expect that we’ll be able to start seeing significant traffic from search engines within the first month or so, and that we’ll start seeing page one rankings for our key search terms within six months.
So go now, go get this FREE e-book and thank me later!

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