My Quick SEO for SERP Formula

Do you need top search engine results?
Do you want first page Google?
Getting traffic to your website involves several marketing methods, of which
search engine traffic is foremost. It is not really difficult to get top SERP (search engine results pages) or even to achieve first page Google. You can avoid the high cost of SEO (search engine optimization) companies, and the risky bidding for prominent Adwords. All you need is written up here in this article.

My Quick SEO for SERP formula:

Use a 3-4 keyword phrase.
Use keyword phrases that search users would probably use. This is where an SEO expert may come in handy, but with a little imagination and research you should be able to master this.
Place your “keyphrases” in your title <title>, header <h1> to <h6>, and link <a href> tags.
Place in meta name description <meta name=”Description” content=”place in here – easy on all caps” />.
Use this keyphrase 2-3 times minimum in body content.
If your website is geographic specific, (even if it’s not) be sure to include your city and state in your title and meta name description tags.

And there you have it! Use this formula, and you’ll see your website on Google first page within a week or two.

See my 1st page Google pages (Feb 2008):

optimized website design: number 9
optimized website design tacoma: number 1 & 2
discount website design: number 9
discount website design tacoma: number 1 & 2

UPDATE my 1st page Google pages (Sept 2009):

webdesign discount number 1
discount web design number 3

seo web designer number 8

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