Pageone Curator – STOP Building Backlinks!

STOP Building Backlinks – Use Pageone Curator!

Introducing The Hottest Whitehat Traffic Getting System

… and I can almost hear you saying, “What – stop building backlinks??”

Well, not to actually cease and desist, but there’s something EASIER and BETTER now [add post Penguin]: content curation.


Content curation can be a powerful tool for gaining search engine ranking, as it can be used to vastly increase a company’s online presence and influence. One thing Google recognizes is the authority websites in the market that report on topics in specific niches. News sites do not always create their own news, they find other news and report on it… and reference the source.

Technically they are copying other people’s content and publishing it on their site – and Google is rewarding them for it – as long as they put a reference back to the source. Taking a step further, you can add your own editorial comment as an introduction to this content – and even summarize it. As long as you reference the source – then in Google’s eyes this is 100% approved. Add your own voice or tone – and then this becomes curation.

1) Search for fresh and exciting articles from Google blog search, news search, or Twittery
2) Curate interesting content
3) Integrate stunning images from Flickr or videos from YouTube
4) Post to your site
5) Reference to source
6) Add your comments and opinion

When you have found a good new source of content you can either use it immediately, or save it in your own collection.

Real content curation site is NOT about scraping RSS, or stealing other people’s articles. It’s about providing quality information to your niche audience. It’s a place where they will come to first for a roundup of the most relevant information in your area of expertise.

Whitehat and Google approved – this is the way forward for creating authority sites that make money.


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