Looking for CAD Gear Draftsperson

Not able to find these required gears, we now are turning to having them made.
PDF file: Internal_Gear_CAD_Specs
So we need a CAD gear draftsperson. Here are the specifications of the gears:

The resulting revolution of this transmission will be a 2:1 ratio increase in a reverse direction
We are making a prototype, and plan on using nylon or equivalent plastic, 7/16 to 1/2 inch thick.
Brass bushings will be inserted in gears where they come in contact with axle rotation, on the planetary gears
We will also need a drawing using steel gears (type of steel TBD), with ball bearings on the planetary gears, with an enclosure (later)
Later still, we will be using magnetic bearings
Sun gear will be fitted for a 3/4″ axle, with a 3/16″ keyway and set screw
Eight helical thread inserts will be installed in the outer gear that will accept 1/4″ fine threaded bolts
Axels for planetary gears will be determined by drafts person, or use 3/4″ metal
Gear teeth pitch and size will be determined by drafts person, but should have at least 2 teeth in contact
All specifics for the following are ONLY suggested, and can change according to drafts person:

Tooth spacing
Contact angle
Teeth quantity on all gears

Please see following drawings.
Should changes be necessary, please contact Steve


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