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WordPress: Not Just for Blogs Anymore – And it’s Open Source
So you need a website, and you want to be able to update it and maybe down the line, create some new pages. And you don’t want to hire a web designer every time you have this need. Enter the FREE Open Source WordPress platform …

WordPress is a dynamic publishing tool for managing website content. Search engine-friendly, it features clean permalink structure, categorical configuration, support for tagging, and plugin software programs that can extend the capabilities of your website. With WordPress, you get a complete and versatile WYSIWYG editor so you can add and change images, videos, and text without having to know HTML or programming. With WordPress, you can have an easy-to-edit website and/or blog.

The WordPress platform is bar-none, the best tool for the non-techie website master. It comes with a back end office where you can create and edit all of your content with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website editor. You can easily add contact forms, ads from sponsors or affiliate programs, your favorite website links, and there’s even applications (called a plugin) to optimize for search engines.

But WordPress doesn’t stop there. There’s over 7,500 plugins ranging from image galleries to eCommerce scripts, and membership sites. And it won’t strain your pocket book, either! Take a look at our WordPress website prices.

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