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Search engines continue to get more advanced, so we online marketers have to find out just what the search engines are looking for and keep those things in mind as we build our sites. This write up is to present you with the knowledge and methods Web Design by Steve uses to acheive good rankings for Google post Penguin update. Price options are listed at the end of this article.

On-site SEO

Things have changed – as we’re all so painfully aware. These days the search engine algorithms are more complex and a lot “smarter” than they used to be. The big search engines are wise to all the SEO tricks of a few years ago, so you have to take a different approach these days. In fact, if you try to resort to those old school methods and game the system, you can pretty much count on your website never making it to the top spots. You have to take a new approach, and that’s exactly what we will be doing to create Penguin proof backlinks for your website.

I think it’s important for you to have a solid grip on the different types of backlinks that you’ll be using for your sites, so let’s take a breather for a minute and talk about the diverse links that I used for this case study.

Off-site SEO

To achieve page 1 rankings now that Google has released the Penguin, you must have a really solid and diverse backlinking profile. When You have powerful backlinks coming from different diverse sources, along with strong social signals pointing to your website, we will be able to easily hit the top positions.

Post Penguin update, anchor text linking strategies have also changed. It is now recommended when linking other sites directly to your main site, to add extra keywords to the anchor text as well as social qualifiers such as “click here”, “check them out”, and additionally using the domain itself ( as a keyword.

You want plenty of backlinks for your site, but you want them to come from a variety of trusted, established sites on the Internet. With so many Web 2.0 websites offering webmasters the ability to obtain these links at no monetary cost, it’s finally possible to build a diverse, well rounded backlink profile for your website.

And so said, gone is the day that a simple link from a blog comment, a forum signature, or within an article that points DIRECTLY to your website, will establish ranking priority with Google. Post Penguin update, now your priority needs to be the anchored links that come from Google’s prioritized website types – the social websites and the web 2.0 websites.


My Post Penguin SEO Pricing

FREE website diagnosis!

On-site SEO:

Phase 1: Create and populate 10 social networking websites: $150 or $15 each
Phase 2: Optimize/re-optimize your web pages: 1st page is $100, additional pages are $25
Phase 3: Research and compose message to Google, “Why my website shouldn’t have been penalized” – $75 per keyword
Phase 4: Redesign and use the WordPress platform: $445 for 5 pages, additional pages are $35

Phase 1 and 2 are required, phase 3 and/or 4 may be recommended or required according to your personal website diagnosis.

Off-site SEO:

I will setup links from a diversity of websites (very important to do several types) using anchor text, which is your keywords that we choose, visually seen by others on these websites, as a hyperlink (the link that takes others to your website), and these, in turn, will tell Google that you are very important.

I also get you an account at Sheer SEO, which monitors your SERP (search engine results position), and they send you a report weekly of the changes that have occurred. This is free for the first 90 days, and after that, it’s $7.00 to $49.95 per month – I suggest to my clients to get the $14.95/mo package, as it includes other valuable information that will help you to get better ratings.

I also set you up with StatCounter, a free statistics counter which will provide you with information about new searches – what keywords people are using to find products and services.

I guarantee you to be found on Google page one in accord with the following packages.

Light duty: $250 – one keyword on Google page one within 3 months guaranteed
Medium strength: $400 – three keywords on Google page one within 2 months guaranteed
No holes barred: $600 – five keywords on Google page one within 2 months guaranteed

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