Please Help a Veteran So She Can Eat!

Maria Davis’ Mother, Diane, (Maria is a friend of mine) is a U.S. Veteran and is in horrible pain. The VA won’t help, can you?
By Maria Davis …

Time is passing with very few donations so far! Please read on or watch the video to see why this is so imprtant. We have run out of options and this campaign is our last hope! You can make a difference!

Diane is a 59 year old Veteran who worked at the VA Medical center as a Respiratory Therapist for over 25 years. She served our country during the vietnam era and has saved many lives during her career. She is a warm and most loving person. She had an accident in 2001 which required her to take an early medical retirement. The VA does not offer free dental care for veterans, and outside dental insurance is too much money for her. Her retirement only brings in $958 per month. Out of that, her rent has to be paid, cost of living, and food for her to eat. After all is said and done, she has about $30 left over each month.

Something as simple as a piece of chicken gives her unbelievable pain.
Right now Diane has about 5 teeth in her mouth. These teeth are so ground down over the years from being used as her chewing teeth, that they are now starting to erode below the gum line. She can’t even eat most of the foods out there. Some of her teeth have wore down so much that the gum has grown over and those teeth are now trapped below the surface. These ones cause her the most pain. Recently, she has had a little bleeding from the teeth below the gum line. This is NOT good and an infection could easily happen. You can actually see the difference in her face from the photo, versus the image on the video. The photo was taken about 2 years ago. The video was taken recently. She has been losing so much weight from not being able to eat!

For her to get dentures, it would require oral surgery to cut the gum and take out the teeth buried below the surface. Then extractions on her remaining teeth. The cost of the dentures are about $7,000 for the top and bottom, and the surgery is about $4,000.

What I am seeking is some help with getting it done for her. I am not asking for the full amount, but the cost of the dentures is the most pricey. If I am able to get at least $5,500, we will be able to put the rest on a payment plan. No dentist around will take payments from the start. Every one wants payment in full or half down. I have searched for other options through churches, grants, private doctors, and even possibly going to Mexico for it. Nothing will work and the dentists will not budge in their policies.
Almost everyone takes the simple act of chewing for granted.

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