How to Easily Find the Best SEO Keywords for Your New Website


When looking for good keywords, an SEO tutorial told me NOT to use Google’s “About X-number results,” noticing that the higher the number, the more difficult it will be to get top placements. And for the most part, that can be true. But there’s two other displays I look at along with that number: 1) the amount of AdWord posts that are present, and 2) are there suggestions that drop down from the search box.

Take for instance, “long island karaoke rental.” This has sidebar ads, but no top ads, this term also carries 3 search suggestions, and with only 1,280,000 results, this one should be easy to rank for, and the term appears to me as one that gets used frequently. “Appears to me” – this is powerful SEO knowledge to have .

Sidestepping here, I should explain that I am currently doing SEO for the Long Island DJs at I am also trying to boost a few keywords that would be beneficial to this website. And tomorrow, it will be a new one week update. Being that yesterday I finished the on-site SEO, I should have a bit more knowledge of which keywords we should use, as we may have an SERP increase (takes 1-3 days for Google to notice).

In the above screenprint, notice all the search suggestions (those can be used, too)!! Also notice, that this is a LOCAL search, which places businesses who are optimized for LOCAL search on top. Even with a low search volume of 1,980,000 results, this keyword will be a tough one to use, unless we also employ local internet marketing … a whole different game.

In choosing keywords, I always use Google Adwords: Keyword Tools. This is where you’ll find which keywords get more searches. Choosing the right words to input without wasting a lot of time and effort, also takes search knowledge as well as your familiarity with the website niche.

Once I get 30 to 40 usable keywords, I go and sign up my client with an account at Sheer SEO. They have SERP (search engine results position) keyword tracking online software, and offer a 60 day trial period. You can even test a website without signing up. Next is on-site SEO, then come back for the weekly update, ans select which phrases I want to gamble with.

For the off-site SEO, I have a source that managed to steer around Google’s Panda and Penguin. But that’s not enough for some, so I have this software, WSO CB BacklinkTopia. Now wait a week, go back to Sheer SEO, and see the outstanding results!

Find the Best Keywords