We Can-Do: How to Overcome Google Penguin Update

Some of you may be experiencing a GREAT drop in website visitors because of Google’s new Panda algorithm update. Mostly, if you have incoming links from:

Paid text links using exact match anchor text
Comment spam
Guest posts on questionable sites
Article marketing sites
Links from dangerous sites
But this ain’t all, there’s more to come! See the post I wrote prior to this: Google Will Make Buying Links for Better SERP Placement Worthless!!

But here at SEO Web Design by Steve, we have the answer!!

Our System Plucks Website From Google’s Abyss… And Effortlessly Zooms It To Page #1 Rankings In UNDER 1 Hour, With 97 MILLION Competing Pages

You heard me right – we can get your rankings back! Take a look at this example:


Whither you use my services or not, you need to use the WordPress platform for your website. WHY? Simple – it has script capabilities to generate automated processes, and you cam do this with your on-site AND off-site SEO.

I just purchased and installed this plugin, WP SEO Ninja. This gem will allow you to make an article either from your post, or something that correlates with your post (placed in a separate box below your editor), and then it SPINS it, and posts to several social websites. Now, how cool is that!! And guess what? I’m gonna automatically post THIS blog entry to a BUNCH of SOCIAL NETWORKS right now! Do you want some of this, HUH?? Thought so!

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