Fuel and Energy Savings Products – Our Building Plans

Well, I finally finished the “blue” prints for our building. And this thing is HUGE!!
… and I’ll also have the electrical 99% finished by day’s end.

I was thinking that this thing would take me at least one month to do all the drawings up, but I have become a whiz at Photoshop, and now I can see it taking only two weeks. So, everything is coming together quite well. Having the hand of God guide me in this is simply astounding! Blessing, glory, and honer be His.

Yea, I’m back into the Christian scene, and am attending a little church about one minute from my house, Victory Worship, which is a charismatic church Prescott Valley AZ, and will soon become their worship leader, as I was when my wife and I attended, about 18 years ago.

Our first fuel and energy saving factory for the perpetual motion energy generator will be located in the Prescott AZ area. We will employ 255 people, and our first year’s profit will be in the neighborhood of 200 million … sign up for employment today!

So without further ado, get yourself a lookie at this –

Fuel and Energy Savings Products