10 Keyword Placement Tips for Top SEO

On-page keyword optimization is essential for your SERP.
There are various positions for SEO keyword usage which can give you great advantage when it comes to search engine ranking position. This short article will show you just where to place keywords.

1   –   Use a 2-4 word keyword phrase.
2   –   Use keyword phrases that search users would probably use. This is where an SEO expert may come in handy, but with a little imagination and research you should be able to master this. For help, go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
3   –   Be sure that your domain name doesn’t suggest something contrary to your subject matter. It’s best if your keywords are here, too.
4   –   Place your keywords in your title <title>, header <h1> to <h6>, and inner-link (anchor text) <a href> tags.
5   –   Your keywords will also get more search engine importance with set in bold or italic type.
6   –   Place in meta name description <meta name=”Description” content=”place in here – easy on all caps” />.
7   –   Use this keyword phrase 2-3 times minimum in your body content – having a minimum of 250 words, with a ratio of 3% to 5%.
8   –   If your website is geographic specific, (even if it’s not) be sure to include your city and state in your title and meta name description tags.
9   –   Use different keywords & meta descriptions on each different page.
10   –   Use keywords in sub-folders, no caps (just a preference), separated by dashes. Same for image file names.

For further tips, check out Andy’s Handy Dandy SEO Checklist

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