Why You Should Use LongTail Keywords

Keywords for Search Engine Optimization: It’s All About the Long Tail
No, I’m not talking about the animals at your local zoo. By ‘long tail’, I’m referring to the typically longer keyword phrases that are very specific to what a website is offering and what people are searching for. These phrases differ from the more basic, primary keywords that are heavily searched (cleverly called the ‘head’).

For example:

Head Keyword
Long Tail Keyword

mountain climbing
California mountain climbing tours

laundry detergent
environmentally-friendly laundry detergent

hardwood floors
recycled pine flooring

convertible wood baby cribs

The long tail of keyword research is definitely fundamental to your internet success. Because they have less competition from other websites, long tail keywords give you a much better chance of ranking highly in the search engines – and that means more visitors to your website.

And here’s even better news: the people who search online using long tail keywords are much more likely to make a purchase! These specific keywords bring much greater conversions than general terms and phrases.

Something else that may surprise you: The long tail of a keyword represents a far greater number of searches than the head. In a 2008 report, Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise, revealed that for any given topic, the top 100 keywords account for just 5.7% of all website traffic – while long tail keywords account for the remaining 94.3%!

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