Get a Complete Website for $149 Unlimited Pages

Want a complete website for $149.00?
I realize that today most folks are in a financial struggle, and can do some of the work themselves. So for this price, I’ll help you get your own WordPress website.

WordPress websites are relatively simple to put up; all you gotta do, is install the WordPress files on your website. And lots of website hosts have a one-click install. But if they don’t, or if you’re a bit nervous about doing this, I’ll do it for you. Once this is done, alakazam, your website is live! Next, you’ll probably want something more appealing than the default theme, and so, you need to find a theme (commonly known as a template), and upload that. Now, to load your content. Before this, you’ll want to read my WordPress Administration Panels Tutorial. And if you still need help, I’ll be there.

But there’s a few things you’ll probably not be able to do, and one of them is configure your contact page. Also, I will upload important plugins (scripts that do magical things) for backups, extra security, SEO, and other plugins that pertain to your individual business.
So how does that sound? You CAN afford a website now! Call Steve: 928-583-3366

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