They Charge $2000/mo for SEO W/O a Guarantee!! I Charge $745 W/Guarantee

YES!! Get Google Page One with three keywords GUARANTEED for one year ONLY $745.

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I went to LinkedIn today, as I noticed a fella asking what it should cost for search engine optimization:
“HI folks. Is the typical SEO charging strategy to pick a number out of the air?”
“Just returned from a local exhibition…. I saw 4 companies advertising SEO services, in the range $150 – $400 per month with one company offering an annual SEO check at $600. Talking with the people they all seem to offer the same service, so I wonder, what would you expect to get in return for this sort of charge, and are these sums typical, or at the low or high cost end of the range?”

One SEO expert said that they typically charge $150 per hour … $600 per day, NOT per month. Another followed up confirming his rates. T H E N – I posted how that I have great results, and charge LESS than $1,000. Well, I got a rebuttal on that: “Todd Morton • IMO – Guarantees should never come up when talking SEO.” Of course, I had to come back – $150 per hour and NO guarantee?

I didn’t go to the same school as these guys, mater of fact, I schooled myself for SEO. So, I’m a bit unconventional. But I’ll get you THE SAME results for a WHOLE LOT less!!
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