An Energy Revolution Is on the Horizon

Yes, an energy revolution will soon be here. This world will very soon be able to produce free energy from just magnets for every home and business. Even so, the technology to generate free energy on a home to business basis already exists! It was featured in Science & Mechanics in their spring 1980 issue, and Howard Johnson secured 3 patents on it in 1978, 1989, and 1995. The device that makes this all possible is called a magnetic motor. But nobody has perfected this devise as of yet.

More over, progress in the world is always postponed by those that are in opposition to progress or by those that have self interest as their prerogative. In the case of magnetic motors, the world’s energy companies and governments have been restraining this technology for a number of years. Why? Well, the energy companies and government who run utility companies wouldn’t make such a large profit if everybody could generate their own energy.

But luckily, many very intelligent people through the years have seen the impact of these machines and have devoted their lives to constructing and creating magnetic perpetual motion energy generators.

Fuel and Energy Savings Products is developing a magnetic perpetual motion energy generator that will revolutionize the world. We expect to have the first generators ready to sell by July of August of 2012.

Fuel and Energy Savings Products