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Believe It or Not – Perpetual Motion is Finally Here!
What I found here can be a MONEY SAVER and a MONEY MAKER!!

Cheap Electricity From Magnetic Generators
With the changing of times it has become very important to look for new methods and sources for generating energy. Discovering new ways of cheaper energy generation is essential for us to become independent of the power companies and help our environment. The production of cheaper energy is a crucial requirement of our life since, the cost of energy is ever skyrocketing and the entire world is suffering because of it.

Field studies on the cheapest ways of generating electricity have finally shown that magnetic generators are one of the cheapest methods to use.

Producing cheap electricity through magnetic generators is a technological breakthrough. There is no competing energy generating source that is cheaper than power produced by magnetic generators. For instance, solar and wind energy are very expensive in terms of space needed for installation and huge initial cost of acquiring necessary equipments. Unlike these alternatives which depend on climatic conditions, magnetic generators can be use anywhere and it produces the best results.

It is a well known fact that magnets have a special characteristic of polarity which makes them work uninterruptedly. This continuous motion forces the internal turbines to move and produce electrical power.

The users of magnetic generators do not incur high costs of electric bills, which usually take a greater percentage of peoples hard-earned incomes. Magnetic generators are independent of solar, wind, or any other external forces for energy production. Magnetic generator will certainly reduce your expenditure on electricity bills between 40 and 80 percent. This reduced cost improves people’s standards of living…and people’s savings accounts!

The Electricity Companies will never give solutions to your problems. Therefore, you need to produce your own electricity using magnetic generator (which is also environmentally friendly). There are no green house gases produced during their operation. They do not cause air pollution. It can be installed at any convenient part of your home. They are easy to use and have no side effects!

Electricity through magnetic generator is one of the cheapest in the world.
UPDATE Jan 17, 2012:
It’s obvious that the generator in the video didn’t work, as it was supposed to be in production March of 2008. And I’ve researched and found that the HoJo generator didn’t work either. But take a look at this video – you’ll see that it actually does work!

I am one of 3 people involved in this project, and am assigned to make the business proposal, secure an investor, make the websites, and assist with promotions. My associate in Phoenix is an advertising guru, of whom I met after he heard me on Christopher Michael Scott’s radio show – see his website here. Our other associate is the mastermind behind making this work. And he KNOWS beyond a shadow of doubt that he can make the best possible magnetic perpetual motion generator than ANYONE can.
… and just today, Jan 17, 2012, we found our investor

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