The Cost for an eCommerce Website with SEO

WordPress eCommerce Website

Cost of WordPress eCommerceLooks like you lucked out, and found the best man for this solution. I have researched and made several eCommerce websites utilizing Open Source software. Open Source is free, but yet the highest quality scripts. I have also come to see that most website owners prefer the WordPress platform, as it’s the easiest to master.

I can do an eCommerce website fairly inexpensive, if you have less than 10,000 products. What I would recommend, is starting out with PayPal payment processing, using WordPress and the WP e-Commerce plugin. WP e-Commerce can later be upgraded to use merchant accounts.

Cost is $595 plus the cost of your template for 5 pages and 20 products, using a pre-made template (theme) – and I’ll show you how to use the content management system – there’s a slight learning curve.

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WordPress has a content management (CMS) system, which includes your own private backend office. In your private backend office, you can post new content, change content, and manage your media files, comments, and ping-backs. You can also change and/or modify the website/blog theme (its appearance), the plugins that apply functions to your content, and whatever you want shown in the sidebar(s) and the footer(s). You can see more of what’s included on my WordPress Prices and Information page.

You can choose from several WordPress themes at my website. My favorite place to send people for WordPress themes is Theme Forest. This landing page is specifically WordPress, with a category menu on the right side. Most purchase themes that cost $30 to $35.

Custom themes are also available for an additional fee.

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SEO Facts and Pricing

You’ll find that I can do the best SEO possible at the most affordable price. In fact, NOBODY beats my prices!

SEO has 2 phases: on-site SEO and off-site SEO. My pricing for on-site SEO website optimization is $100 for the first page, and $50 for each additional page, with a $250 minimum. Off-site SEO varies according to the availability and saturation of keywords for your industry. An initial off-site SEO, or backlinks purchase which will render 8,000 links from 8 types of websites, runs $350 – this is ALL you pay. Usually, this off-site SEO will need to be performed initially, and again one to two years later, depending on the position desired. IE: to get a #1 placement, you’ll likely need 3,000 backlinks, while a #6 placement may only need 1000.

I guarantee you at least 3 good solid keywords for Google page one at this price, but usually my clients end up with 7-10 positions. And if you’re demographic specific, you are likely to get more keywords on Google page one. You’ll be able to see the results within 2 weeks, and be on page one in 4 to 8 weeks. The results are displayed for you at Sheer SEO, and they can also show how popular your keywords are, according to Google AdWords, and how many visitors are expected for each keyword.

No SEO pro will guarantee exact placement on page one, as this fluctuates, especially for the more popular keywords. With the more popular keywords, you’ll probably experience fluctuation of up to 10 positions.

But you won’t be needing on-site SEO, for your WordPress site, you can get a free plugin for that, and do it yourself. I’ll install the plugin for $30, and if you want me to do the SEO for it, it’ll be $15 per page, minimum of $45.

Depending on your industry, you might also consider local internet marketing. I can set this up for $100 to $300. The technique I use will get you to DOMINATE Google page one for the keywords we select. But I can only do this for one company per niche or industry.

BTW: I just checked my personal Google page one goal for affordable web design. I’m #3 with a competition of 49 million.

Please reply with your website URL’s and the desired keywords. And if I sound like the man for the job, please include your company name, mailing address, and phone number, and I’ll write up a contract/invoice.

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Copy Writing

There’s two ways we can go: do an original writing, or copy another article, and change the wording so as not to infringe, and so that Google doesn’t catch you with duplicate content. Either way, the price is $20 for each page of 300 to 400 words (that’s the minimum required for good SEO structure).

Other Requirements for a Website

1. You need a domain name. Most companies sell these for around $13/year.

If you’d like to search for a different name (be sure to get .com, .org, or .net for SEO):

* Search for a new one at Psychic Whois:
* Search here, too, Make Words:
* Find an expired one at Fresh Dropped Domains:

2. You need a web host. Shared hosting shouldn’t cost more than $10/month, $100/year.

The host provider that I use is Zomex. I prefer Jack’s (we’ve become online friends) company because of his excellent support (very quick), and he uses the LiteSpeed web server software on our premium hosting servers because it’s up to 9 times faster than Apache (most hosting companies use Apache). You can register your domain with him, also. All you’ll need is the Standard Plan, $43.89 per year.

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